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Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

Black Tahitian pearl necklaces are the large, colorful and rare black pearl strands from French Polynesia, shimmering with vibrant, unmistakeable colors. Popular overtones include Peacock, Blue-Green, Silver and Cherry, all laid over a palette of dove and dark charcoal greys. Traditionally ranging from 8.0mm up to 16.0mm in size, their glamorous sizes, combined with their unique, naturally-occurring range of greys and blacks make a Tahitian pearl necklace an instantly covetable treasure.
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Black Tahitian Baroque Tin Cup, 35-Inch, 9.0-10.0mm, Sterling
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Retail Price:$1,860.00
Your Price: $465.00
Black Tahitian Baroque and Freshwater Pearl Tin Cup Necklace, 8.0-9.0mm
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Retail Price:$2,516.00
Your Price: $629.00
Graduated Tahitian Pearl Tin Cup Necklace, 8.0-12.0mm
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Retail Price:$5,636.00
Your Price: $1,409.00
Multi-Color Round Tahitian Pearl Necklace, 18-Inch, 9.1-11.22mm,  AAA Quality
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Retail Price:$16,576.00
Your Price: $3,315.00
Round Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Rondelle Necklace - Made to Order, Please Call
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Retail Price:$21,076.00
Your Price: $5,269.00
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