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South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls

What Are South Sea Pearls?

Large and luminous White and Golden South Sea pearls from Australia and the Philippians are the largest and rarest of all cultured pearl types in the world. Pearls cultured in the Pinctada maxima saltwater oyster, which can grow up to a foot in diameter at maturation, routinely obtain sizes that range from 9.0mm up to an astonishing 21.0mm! The pearls’ golden and white colors are completely natural, needing no dyes or artificial enhancements.

Cultured South Sea pearls are also known for their soft, satiny glow which is due to their thick nacre layers, acquired through as much as 4 years’ cultivation time. White and golden South Seas pearl necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings from PurePearls.com are the very ultimate in luxury pearl jewelry, and a true treasure that will last generations.

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Pure Pearl Quality

Both white and golden South Sea pearl varieties are graded much like black Tahitian pearls, using the A-D grading scale, with ‘A’ being the very finest and ‘D’ considered commercial quality, not fit for export. Developed by South Sea and Tahitian pearl farmers who were in need of a comprehensive way to communicate pearl quality to overseas buyers, the A-D scale easily converts to the A-AAA system often employed by U.S. jewelers, as well as Pure Pearls. Attributes such as sharpness of luster, saturation of color, perfection of surface and shape are all factors that are considered in assigning a pearls’ predominant grade. Pure Pearls sources only the finest pearls for our jewelry. To learn more about South Sea pearl grading, please visit our South Sea Pearl Grading Guide, which will provide you the South Sea essentials in an easy to use and understand reference guide.