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Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

What Are Freshwater Pearls?

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of colors and shapes to suit every taste, occasion and budget; from perfectly round, gem-quality pearls to cute button-shapes, we have styles and price points everyone can love. Known for their natural pink, lavender and classic white hues, freshwater pearls are an affordable choice that brings the beauty of pearl jewelry to you without sacrificing quality. sources pearls directly from Chinese pearl farms, ensuring that our freshwater pearl necklaces, earrings and freshwater pearl jewelry sets are made with the top 5% of each year’s harvests. Be sure to check out our selection of freshwater pearl pendants and rings that are modern, yet classic jewelry items sure to become daily favorites.

To learn more about our Freshwater pearls, visit our Freshwater Pearl Grading Guide. Prices start from $35.

Freshwater Pearl Quality

Freshwater pearl grading is very similar to Akoya pearl grading in that the main attributes taken into consideration are brightness and sharpness of luster, blemish rates, how well the pearls have been matched and the smoothness of shapes and pearl surfaces. The only other area that differs from Akoya pearl grading is shape; Freshwater pearls can be round, slightly off-round, oval-ish and baroque (free-form) in shape, whereas Akoya saltwater pearls in the majority are perfectly spherical.

The A-AAA grading system was developed by pearl dealers, jewelers and pearl farmers as an effective yet simple way to speak about the qualities of their pearls to the modern pearl jewelry customer. Visit our Freshwater Pearl Grading Guide for an uncomplicated and easy to understand visual reference, as well as concise guidelines for evaluating Freshwater pearls.