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Pearl Necklaces

  • Akoya Pearl

    Akoya pearl necklaces are an essential addition to every woman’s wardrobe, perfect for every occasion. Featuring perfectly round shapes and bright, mirror-like luster, classic Akoya pearls will always be in style.

    Starting at $259
  • Tahitian Pearl

    A daring departure from classic white pearls. Natural black hues, colorful overtones and stunning, metallic luster will melt even the most jaded of jewelry lovers.

    Starting at $499
  • Freshwater Pearl

    Freshwater pearls are solid-nacre gems that are both durable and budget-friendly. From romantic pastels to classic charm, Freshwater pearls have a lasting popular appeal.

    Starting at $159
  • South Sea Pearl

    White and Golden South Sea pearls are famous for their natural golden and white hues, thick nacre, exceptionally large sizes and softly glowing luster. A South Sea pearl necklace will be a treasure like no other.

    Starting at $899

Our Pearl Necklace Quality

Our saltwater Akoya and Freshwater pearl necklaces are only available in AA+, AAA, Hanadama and gem-quality Elite Collection grades, so you're guaranteed the very finest quality pearls with every purchase.

Black Tahitians and White and Golden South Sea pearls pendants, earrings and rings are AAA quality exclusively. We offer Tahitian and South Sea pearl necklaces ranging from A+ all the way through AAA quality so we have something for everyone.

Much like finding the perfect balance of scintillation and size over flaws with a diamond, each Tahitian and South Sea pearl necklace on our website has been carefully chosen by us, with an eye towards balancing bright luster, saturated color and blemish rates over other factors. If you are looking for a truly one of a kind pearl necklace, we encourage you to contact the pearl experts at PurePearls.com; our overseas sources can help you build the necklace you’ve been dreaming of!