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Pearl Earrings

  • Akoya pearl earrings are a jewelry staple. Perfectly round, with mirror-sharp luster and a beautiful array of overtones to flatter any complexion, our best-selling pearl earrings are simple yet refined.

    Starting at $119
  • Irresistibly extraordinary, rare black Tahitian pearls showcase dark, sexy shades of grey and black, shimmering overtones and bright, crisp luster .

    Starting at $199
    Tahitian Pearl Earrings
  • Colorful, durable and oh-so affordable, today’s Freshwater pearls are guaranteed to last. Their natural pink, lavender and white colors will stay vivid and true for a lifetime.

    Starting at $59
    Freshwater Pearl Earrings
  • South Sea pearl earrings are a luxurious gift she'll treasure forever. Famous for their large sizes, touchable luster and rich, golden and white colors, our South Sea pearls are an iconic classic.

    Starting at $359
    South Sea Pearl Earrings
Pearl Sizing Guide

Our Pearl Earring Quality utilizes the A-AAA grading scale to evaluate pearls, with ‘AAA’ representing the very finest grade, and ‘A’ denoting commercial quality. only deals in pearl earrings of AA+ or AAA quality.

AAA quality pearl earrings have very sharp, highly reflective luster, and will mount clean on the front of the pearl. The pearls' shape will be true round in the case of Akoya, South Sea or round Tahitian pearls. Freshwater pearls may be very near true-round in shape with some deviance allowable, however the pearls should still appear round upon close inspection. Our exclusive Freshwater Elite Collection pearl earrings are perfectly round in shape.

AA+ quality pearl earrings will have luster that is nearly comparable to AAA, and the blemish rate will allow for up to a single blemish not visible from the front of the pearl, however an inclusion on the side of the pearl is allowable. AA+ quality Freshwater pearls are traditionally called ‘buttons', and are dome-shaped with a flat, comfort-fit bottom. Baroque Tahitian pearls are symmetrically drop-shaped and may feature some circling or rings. For further information on pearl grading, please visit our Pearl Education section.