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Should I Buy Freshwater or Akoya Pearls?

This is a very common question and one that causes a lot of confusion for new pearl shoppers. We'll provide a little info on both types of pearls below, that should help your purchase with confidence. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us our - online contact form, email: sales@purepearls.com or phone: 800-762-0977.

Akoya Pearls: The Classic White Pearls

how to buy akoya pearls

The ultimate classic white pearls are the famous saltwater Akoya from Japan. Known for their perfectly round, smooth shapes, their rosy and silver-white colors and bright, glossy luster that made the gem an instant favorite with women the world over. If you're looking for shiny, bright and perfectly round white pearls, then the Akoya pearls are definitely the best option. Our AA+ and AAA Qualities are nearly equivalent in terms of luster, but with AAA Quality pearls, you are assured a nearly flawless surface. If she's a traditionalist, or if you're looking for high-quality, classic white pearls, the Akoya pearls are the way to go!

Akoya Pearl Grading Guide

Freshwater Pearls: The New Kid on the Block

how to buy freshwater pearls

Until very recently Freshwater pearls were only available as low quality beading grade pearls, giving them a very bad reputation among pearl aficionados. Today's Freshwater pearls come in a huge array of colors, shapes and qualities – including perfectly round gem-grade pearls with metallic luster that rivals the best Hanadama grade Akoya pearls. We're seeing colors and shapes we never dreamed possible, making them one of the hottest trends in pearls.

Freshwater pearls are an excellent value, composed completely of solid nacre - they will last generations, and their colors will never fade. They are known for being more soft and satiny in terms of luster, and slightly off a truly spherical shape (except in our Elite Collection / Gem Quality pearls), but offer an excellent alternative to their higher-priced saltwater cousins. Our AAA quality Freshwater pearl earrings are completely clean on the front of the pearl and are a traditional round pearl stud. Our Elite Collection Freshwater pearl earrings are our exclusive gem-quality pearls that are hand-selected for their perfectly round shapes and superior luster. Freshwater pearl necklaces will feature slightly off-round to round-to-the-eye shapes, and our Elite Collection features pearls that are so round, they rival the Akoya in terms of perfection of shape.

Freshwater Pearl Grading Guide

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