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White Freshwater Opera Length Necklace, 7.0-8.0mm

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  • White Freshwater Opera Length Necklace, 7.0-8.0mm
  • White Freshwater Opera Length Necklace, 7.0-8.0mm
  • Signature Black Gift Box, Certified Appraisal and Pearl Care Kit
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Product Description

Knot it, double it up or wear it long and loose- this 35-inch, white Freshwater 7.0-8.0mm opera length pearl necklace has drama and flair! Each strand of pearls is hand selected for their gorgeous, touchable luster and superior round shapes- getting you the jewelry you want at a price your budget will love!

Choose between AA+ quality, or upgrade to AAA for even brighter luster and more uniformly round pearls. Each necklace is double-knotted on matching white silk thread and finished with a clasp of your choice. Pearls arrive in our Signature Little Black Gift Box, with a GIA Graduate Prepared Appraisal.

Technical Description

Pearl Overtone Rose, Silver or Cream
Pearl Type Freshwater Pearls
Pearl-Quality AA+/AAA
Size 7.0-8.0mm
Pearl Shape Near Round
Pearl Piece Necklaces
Pearl Length 35-Inches / Opera Length
Pearl Collection Classic
Mollusk Type Hyriopsis cumingii, freshwater mussel
Area of Origin China
Diamonds and Gemstones No
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Price $289.00
Category Price 275.00
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Customer Reviews

“Joe!”Review by Joe Kuchta

Outstanding value. Wife loved them. Perfect as described ! Excellent Service.

“fantastic!”Review by jill palmer

I am absolutely delighted with my pearls. They are beautiful, everyone admires them, and terrific value. I have bought from Pure Pears before and will certainly do so again

Product FAQs

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Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping is free on all orders shipping within the USA.

What is the best overtone?

Choosing the right overtone is more about personal taste, but our most popular overtone is Silver which is the closest to a bright white, followed by Rose which has a tinge of pink and Cream which features hints of “French Vanilla”.

Which overtone will look best with my skin tone- I am pale with black hair, blue eyes?

Women with dark hair and/or dark complexions look fantastic with a Silver overtone, as the whiteness of the pearl contrasts with the darker colors, making the pearls appear larger and brighter than they really are. Rose overtones look wonderful on blondes and women with fair skin tones; the pearls will warm up against the skin and golden highlights of her hair and sparkle even more brightly! Cream overtones are fantastic for redheads, ladies with pink undertones in their complexion and mature women with silver hair as the “French Vanilla” tints compliment the warmer tones of their skin and hair.

What is the difference between AA+ Quality and AAA?

Our AAA Quality Freshwater pearl necklaces are near true round in shape with a very slight oval-ish appearance upon up-close, intense inspection. They’ll have less than 5% blemishing on each pearl as well as the necklace or bracelet overall, and the luster will be bright, but slightly softer and more satiny than an Akoya pearl. You will be able to see most of your face reflected in the pearl’s surface, and reflected light sources will show some “fuzzing” on the edges. AA+ Quality pearls are considered off-round and will be slightly oval or egg-shaped, and feature less than 10% blemishing on the pearls. The luster will be somewhat softer, with some visible blurring of reflected light sources. You will still be able to see your face in the pearl’s surfaces, but not all details.

Where do the Freshwater pearls come from?

Our Freshwater pearls are cultured in China, and we purchase them by attending the auctions in Hong Kong.

Should I choose white gold or yellow gold?

That depends entirely on personal taste and style! However, a good rule of thumb to follow is if you don’t know which gold color to choose, try and match her wedding ring or the jewelry that she wears most often. Yellow gold will “warm up” a pearl and deepen and intensify its luster. White gold will “cool down” a pearl’s appearance- it will boost a pearl's bright white hue, or will enhance any undertones of Aquamarine in Pink and Lavender pearls. Most customers generally select white gold to pair with black Freshwater pearls, however yellow gold can really enhance the pearl's Peacock coloration!

Are these Freshwater pearls cultured or natural?

All of our pearls are cultured pearls, meaning that the oysters have had human assistance in getting nacre production started. A wild or natural pearl, forms without any human intervention. Usually it is a parasite or bit of organic material that gets lodged within the oyster’s soft body and irritates the animal into secreting nacre in order to smooth over the invader.

Are these colors natural?

Yes! Cultured Freshwater pearls come in a variety of all natural colors, unless specifically stated as otherwise. We carry natural Pink, Peach, Lavender and White pearls, along with metallic color-shifting varieties that will feature exotic overtones of gold, bronze, green, orange and magenta! Our black Freshwater pearls are dyed, and are noted as Color-Treated in the product description. The colors range from a faded denim blue to deep violet/lavender and the pearls feature intense iridescence that is very beautiful!