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  • TAH-0774-PURE
  • TAH-0774-PURE
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Product Description

Intensely dark and intensely colorful, this black Tahitian baroque pearl necklace is saturated with exotic Cherry overtones. The near jet-black body colors are illuminated by bright, crisp luster and the warm Rose and Cherry colors shimmer like banked embers.

The necklace consists of 31 pearls that graduate from 9.6-11.49mm. The AA+ quality pearls are circled and accented drop-shapes, mildly blemished with pin-prick inclusions, however the intense color and luster of the pearls create a mostly eye-clean presentation. The pearls are individually double-knotted with matching black silk and finished with a clasp of you choice- yellow gold could be an interesting selection...

Technical Description

Pearl Overtone Very Dark Charcoal Grey to Near Jet Black Body Colors / Intense Cherry and Rose Overtones
Pearl Type Tahitian Pearls
Pearl-Quality AA/AA+
Size Graduated
Pearl Shape Baroque
Pearl Piece Necklaces
Pearl Length 18-Inches / Princess Length
Pearl Collection No
Mollusk Type Pinctada margaritifera, black-lipped saltwater oyster
Area of Origin French Polynesia
Diamonds and Gemstones No
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Category Price 689.00
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Product FAQs

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Is Free Shipping Included?

Yes, FREE shipping is available on all items shipped within the United States.

I don’t see the necklace length I want- can I get a 17-inch necklace?

Yes! We can create a necklace of any length-17-inches, 19-inches, 21-inches, even 100-inches if you want, so feel free to contact us anytime for a custom quote!

Can I get a discount for a shorter necklace, like a 15-inch?

No, we don’t discount for shorter lengths, however we do include the left over pearls for you to keep in case you want a longer necklace later on, or we can turn the additional pearls into a pair of matching dangle earrings!

What is the difference between AA+ Quality and AAA?

Our AAA Quality Tahitian pearls have less than 10% blemishing on each pearl as well as the necklace or bracelet overall, and the luster will be bright, but slightly softer and more satiny than an Akoya pearl. You will be able to see most of your face reflected in the pearl’s surface, and reflected light sources will show some “fuzzing” on the edges. AA+ Quality pearls are off-round to slightly oval or drop-shaped, and feature less than 15% blemishing on the pearls. The luster will be visibly softer, with visible blurring of reflected light sources. You will still be able to see your face in the pearl’s surfaces, but not all details.

Where do your Tahitian pearls come from?

Our Tahitian pearls are cultured in the saltwater lagoons and atolls of the French Polynesian islands from many different farms. Tahitian pearls are not actually cultured on the island of Tahiti, which only controls the export of Tahitian pearls, and sets the standards for quality and nacre thickness before the pearls are allowed to leave the islands. We purchase our pearls either directly from the farmers themselves, or in bulk at auction so that we are able to match and drill our own strands, and separate out the highest quality pearls for earrings, pendants and rings and still maintain a lower price for our customers.

How thick is the nacre on a Tahitian pearl?

The minimum nacre depth for ALL Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia is 0.8mm. This depth figure is guaranteed, and enforced very strictly by the Ministere de la Perliculture of Tahiti. Pearls that do not meet this requirement are not allowed out of the country and indeed are destroyed.

Help! I don't know if I should I choose white gold or yellow gold?

That depends entirely on your personal taste and style! However, a good rule of thumb to follow is to try and match wedding/bridal jewelry or other jewelry that she wears most often. Yellow gold will “warm up” a pearl and deepen and intensify its luster. White gold will “cool down” a pearl’s appearance. Generally, most Tahitian pearls are paired with white gold, however we do have certain pearls with warmer overtones that look fantastic with yellow gold, which we do note as a recommendation on certain necklace descriptions.

Are these Tahitian pearls cultured or natural?

All of our pearls are cultured pearls, meaning that the oysters have had human assistance in getting nacre production started. A wild or natural pearl, forms without any human intervention. Usually it is a parasite or bit of organic material that gets lodged within the oyster’s soft body and irritates the animal into secreting nacre in order to smooth over the invader.

Are these colors natural?

Yes! Cultured Tahitian pearls feature completely natural colors. They range from light dove grey to jet black in body color, with a rainbow of overtones that include Peacock, Aquamarine, Pistachio, Blue-Green, Aubergine, Cherry and more! The only exception to this are our Chocolate Tahitian pearls which are color-treated; this treatment is disclosed within the product description.

How do you describe a Tahitian pearl’s color?

Great question! We begin by defining the pearl’s body color, or main solid color of the pearl. Tahitian pearls range from pale greys to black, but the majority of the pearls will have medium to charcoal grey hues. The overtone is the secondary, usually iridescent, color that appears to shimmer over the pearls’ surfaces. You can determine a pearl’s overtone by observing the pearls against a white background and viewing the color on pearl’s outer edge. Common or popular overtones include Peacock which is a beautiful combination of Green, Gold and Rose, Silver which is a pale silvery sheen over the grey body color and Blue-Green which is absolutely gorgeous. Other popular overtones include Aubergine (Eggplant purple), Cherry, Midnight Blue, Pistachio Green, Copper and more!