Prominent Pearl Sightings & Back to School Fashion!

Rhianna Inglourious Basterds

We all know September is notorious for featuring Back to School Fashion trends and ideas, and this blog is no exception. I’m taking this opportunity to combine one of my very favorite blog features, Prominent Pearl Sightings along with Latest Trends to showcase the famous songstress, Rhianna pairing one of my favorite pearl jewelry trends with reigning classics in one gorgeous photo- I hope you all enjoy!

Rhianna appeared recently at the Inglourious Basterds premiere in London looking oh-so Coco Channel with layers upon layers upon layers of gorgeous pearly treasures- it appears as though she’s mixed cultured and synthetic pearls here, and finished off the look with a demure pair of Pearl Stud Earrings and perfectly done vintage Red lips. Our hat’s off to you Rhianna, for a fabulous look that combines all the Old World Glamour of the 1940’s with the Glam Rock of 1990’s- Bravo!


Rihanna with layered pearl

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