Prominent Pearl Sightings

Hi Everybody!
Congratulations to our new First Lady, Michelle Obama! To kick off this glorious November have I posted one of the prettiest Prominent Pearl Sightings I’ve seen in awhile- I absolutely love this shot, which I found browsing through pictures of the Obama family on the campaign trail this last year. Here she is with her oldest girl, Malia, holding on and smiling pretty!
I fell in love with her strand of large, luminous White South Seas pearls- they look to be around 12-13mm and non-graduated, and positively glow next to her skin! I have noticed her predilection for gorgeous pearl necklaces and earrings over this last year, and she is rapidly becoming well-known for her trademark style: sensible, stylish and shopper-savvy- just the way we like it!

Psst, Michelle… we love your pearls!!


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