New Tahitian Pearl Lariat Necklace

Hi Everybody!

Here is the custom designed Lariat necklace using the Tahitian Baroque pearls!  The pearls measure 9.4mm and 10.4mm each, and the 14K Snake chains measure 17-inches and 18.5-inches each. The pearls are a very intense Classic Peacock with dark grey body colors and AAA Quality!  And remember, specializes in creating that One of a Kind custom jewelry design- if you can dream about it, we can build it!   


2 thoughts on “New Tahitian Pearl Lariat Necklace

    1. Hi Paula!

      Thanks for reading! The lariat is one of my favorite designs, and I can’t tell you how many compliments I get whenever I wear mine. The price for the lariat is between $575 and $650 depending on the pearls we choose. To place an order or discuss further details, simply contact me directly at

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